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2018-06-01 23:06:53
Ethereum Classic & Zeniex
Ethereum Classic & Zeniex Memorandum of Understanding between the Ethereum Classic Cooperative(the “ECC”) and Zeniex!
Through this signing, we will enhance the ETC environment in cooperation
with Ethereum Classic Asia Community.
Also to commemorate the launch of the ETC game,
there will be no ETC commission fee at Zeniex until September 30, 2018.
* Ethereum Classic Cooperative(the “ECC”) ?
The Ethereum Classic Cooperative (the “ECC”) was created to financially support the growth and
development of the Ethereum Classic protocol, a next generation blockchain platform
of a new internet infrastructure.
* ETC game ?
ETC game is a forecasting platform based on block chain technology and is the first platform to
utilize ETC as a means of payment.
ETC game ensures it's transparency by using smart contract technology and unlike other platforms
that deal with only one category,
ETC game deals multiple categories such as sports, finance, current affairs, entertainment, e-sports,
and etc. Every user can participate in the platform free of charge.
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